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Joelle Mardinian

CEO of Joelle Group

It was after moving to Dubai that Joelle Mardinian started her eponymous company.  “When I came to Dubai, I landed my show on MBC which has now been running for 13 years. My fans led me to set up my own business as people were always asking me about my salons, doctors and treatments. In 2008, I opened my first salon, Maison de Joelle, in Jumeirah and never looked back.”

Just shy of one decade later, Joelle’s portfolio now includes the aforementioned salon, as well as Joelle Paris and Clinica Joelle, with 11 salons across the GCC.

Being in the public eye, Joelle admits she feels pressure to set a good example to her followers. “There’s a lot of responsibility with having so many people look up to me. I don’t know each of them, but I love them. I always try and make sure I am leading those who follow me well.”

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