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Saima Khan

CEO & Founder of Step-Up

Although age has never been a personal barrier to Saima Khan chasing her dreams, she has come up against resistance because of it in her professional life, particularly when trying to garner support for her company Step-Up.

“The club serves as a platform for youngsters to be exposed to several social and humanitarian activities such as planting trees, beach clean-ups, and building wells. It’s a great challenge to convince companies to lend resources to a young company founded by 18-year-olds.” So how does she do it? “I tell them that millennials are a powerful generation of influencers, full of ideas, and that investing in us is like investing in a potential future business.”

Professionally, Saima says her biggest accomplishment was becoming a delegate of the United Nations Youth Assembly whilst personally it “is the transformation I’ve undergone. Volunteering did what so many people and experiences couldn’t do – it changed me internally for the best.”

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