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Tarsila Schubert


Beginning her career as a street artist nine years ago, Tarsila Schubert has since worked with the likes of Hermès, Pepsi and Sephora, and was “the first woman to paint a mural in Jordan for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.” Most recently, Tarsila has opened Blue Cave Art Factory, a 10,000 sq. ft. space in Downtown Dubai.

“This is where the best creatives in Dubai have their residency and collaborations with revolutionary firms and individuals take place to bring real art to this city. Unfortunately Dubai is often perceived as a plastic city thanks to stereotypes, but we are trying to change this.”

As for what inspires her art, Tarsila says “Culture is what shapes my paintings. Culture is intrinsic in somebody’s personality and it comes out naturally. Having a real and unbiased view of somebody’s soul through culture is the best inspiration anybody could ask for.”

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