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Shabana Karim

CEO and Founder of The Nail Spa & Marquee Salon

Before launching The Nail Spa in 2002 after seeing a gap in the region’s beauty industry, Shabana Karim  “started intense market research, both here and abroad, looking for my company’s niche. I travelled extensively, carefully studying and learning about the industry as I wanted to create the best possible nail salon I could.”

Now, 15 years later, The Nail Spa has evolved to include Marquee Salons and there are over 16 locations across the UAE. With “no plans to slow down,” Shabana says it is her staff that inspires her daily. 

“We have so many wonderful women who have been working with us since the beginning. Many of them send money back to their families and I always love to hear about their achievements, whether that’s being able to send their children to great universities or buying their own homes which will support their families for many years to come.”

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