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Sara Japanwalla

Fashion Illustrator at Capper Worldwide

Since beginning her career as a fashion illustrator in 2012, Sara Japanwalla has worked with brands like Bloomingdale’s, Ralph Lauren, Harvey Nichols and Maserati. The latter, she explains, was her biggest achievement. “I was selected as one of 100 creatives from around the world by Maserati to contribute to a limited edition coffee table book. I felt honoured to be an artist representing Dubai on a global campaign.”

Dubai is a city she holds close to her heart. “I love the energy and diversity of this bustling, vibrant city. Fashion in particular is something I enjoy observing in Dubai. I love how women here carry themselves with a sense of boldness. They know what suits them and how to interpret trends to make it work for them. No-one pulls off colour and prints like the women in Dubai. I like to capture that eclectic vibrancy in my illustrations.”

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