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Karen McLean

Food Blogger for Secret Squirrel Food

Two years ago, Karen McLean left her career as a chartered accountant to start her now highly successful food blog, Secret Squirrel Food. “It takes a lot of courage to take the leap out of what you’ve always known and into a life of passion as an entrepreneur. I love that I can now make a difference and put a smile on people’s faces.”

It was her grandfather that first inspired her passion for food. “He owned four restaurants in Vietnam and I spent my childhood cooking in the kitchen with him. He taught me how to appreciate food,” she tells EW.

Karen describes the blog as “a collection of my recipes that celebrate the pleasure of eating simple, natural and wholesome food. All my recipes are refined sugar-free, dairy-free and mostly gluten-free.” She adds: “I’m very passionate about healthy food and it’s my vision to promote healthy eating in the Middle East.”

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