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Arwa Al Banawi

Founder and Creative Director of Arwa Al Banawi

With her expert take on tailoring, it’s hard to believe that Arwa Al Banawi once worked in the banking industry, however it was that job that inspired her new career. “I was working in a corporate environment and the suits I wore bored me.  I wanted to change up the style and cuts and that’s when I came up with the idea for my brand.”

Having grown up in a fashion-savvy family – “my mum wore Chanel pieces that were designed by Coco herself and vintage Yves Saint Laurent, my father loved bespoke suiting and my grandfather owned cool, retro Versace shirts” – Arwa says it was inevitable that she would end up in fashion. Her ultimate goal, she says, is to “inspire women to be better, to be empowered by what they’re wearing and not be held back by society’s notions that women can’t be their own boss.”

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