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Layla Kardan


Deciding to pursue a music career was not a decision Layla Kardan took lightly. “I learnt from a young age that I had a natural talent for singing and songwriting but I wasn’t encouraged or supported to follow my passion, as the story usually goes for Middle Eastern girls. After completing my Masters degree in business, I worked for almost 13 years until I realised that if I didn’t follow my dream, I would always feel unfulfilled.”

Even with an EP and an album on the way, Layla says “some of my family are against the idea of me singing which is trying” and adds that “the social stigma that comes with being a female performer in the region” is another hurdle.

However, she remains undeterred, telling EW: “I want to be the first Middle Eastern female crossover artist in the electronic soul/pop genre on the global stage.”

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