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Kamilla Omarzay

Founder of The Snack Society

What I do

Before I launched The Snack Society in 2016, I had been experimenting with how to deal with digestive issues by going gluten, dairy and sugar-free. I couldn’t find good snacks on the market so I created a platform with your favourite treats without compromising quality and taste.

My milestone moment

A significant moment was being contacted by Dubai Tourism to meet Ella from Deliciously Ella for the Beach Canteen in 2017, it was so unexpected as The Snack Society had only been around for one year. It definitely helped put my brand at the top of everyone’s mind.

Up next

I have been working on getting my first product launched for the last 10 months and I’m now in the final stages and it will be available in supermarkets soon. My  cookbook will launch this year too.




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