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Samar Kamel

Internationally acclaimed artist

What I do

I had a career in banking but I have always been a painter since a young age, inspired by my late father. I had my first solo exhibition called Diversity in 2014 which centres on what intrigues women.

My milestone moment

That moment was when I thought, together with my best friend artist Batool Jari, of lending a helping hand through Art, by trying to change the bitter reality of many women, living in the jails of Egypt, due to small mishaps such as missing installments of home appliances. We have created a collaborative art piece, which was sold during World Art Dubai this year. All proceeds from the sale of this work went towards freeing six women. My aim is to carry on this initiative periodically.

Up next

Women are my inspiration so I am constantly and trying to immerse myself in their world to portray their emotions, thoughts and sufferings. Some of the paintings include: Scream and The Price – all part of the female experience.






Young Talent