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Alia El Alami

Owner and managing director of Looshi’s Bakery


What I do

After leaving my job and having my first son, I started baking at home. I started up a Facebook page and received requests from many clients. With the help and encouragement of my father and brother, we started up Looshi’s in 2014.

My milestone moment

The first B2B client that signed on board with Looshi’s was a great moment. It was one of the toughest clients to capture, and they’re still with us to this date. Receiving our first award as Best Boutique Bakery in 2017 by the UAE Business Awards was also a very grateful moment for me and the team.

Up next

I really love what I do, and it has been the best decision I have made in my career. Persistence, faith and surrounding yourself with good, positive people is what really makes the difference. Our future plans for Looshi’s is to expand and focus on operating more



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