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Barbaranne Heaton

Founder and designer of bridal wear, House of Moirai

What I do

I create ethereal, bohemian-inspired pieces for the modern bride. I set up House of Moirai in 2012 and since then have created over 100 gowns. I am very detail-oriented and want to take brides on
a journey.

My milestone moment

Our pieces have been worn by brides at locations around the world including snowy mountains in New Zealand and remote islands off Madagascar! Being featured in international magazines is also a huge boost for the brand.

Up next

We are in the process of creating our first ever ready-to-wear bridal collection. All our gowns have been bespoke up to this point so we’re excited to be giving Dubai brides more choice when it comes to fashion-conscious and well-made bridal gowns.






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