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Nasreen Afshar

Founder of Buttons & Bows Tailoring


What I do

Buttons & Bows Tailoring is a door-to-door tailoring service catering to the busy lifestyles of Dubai residents. I always talked and dreamed of owning a tailoring/ fashion boutique in clothing. And I shared this passion with my friend and colleague banker, Gigi Hamati. Gigi was the push I needed and the driving force that led us to start Buttons & Bows Tailoring.

My milestone moment

Being part of the Emirates Loyalty program has been a big thing for us. And every time we get brides from different parts of the world contact us, even as far as the UK and USA, we consider it to be an achievement.

Up next

We have already had a soft launch of our own line of exclusive beachwear. And we look forward to more successes and happy employees and happy clients. We really believe every problem has a solution no matter how big or small the issue.



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