The royal made a seriously adorable little friend while on his summer holidays.

He encountered wild bears and snakes while taking on one of the USA’s most iconic national parks.

But HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also made friends with a critter of a cuter variety during his summer adventure.

The Crown Prince of Dubai stumbled upon a tiny squirrel, and charted the bonding experience on his Instagram account over the weekend.

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It’s not known if the meeting happened during the royal’s trek through California’s Yosemite Park, which he visited last week, or at another location during his holiday.

But wherever it took place, it’s seriously heart-melting.

Sheikh Hamdan fed the furry rodent a morsel of cheese, in an exchange which was caught perfectly on camera.


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And it’s no surprise the squirrel was so trusting – the royal’s long been famed for his natural affinity with a range of animals.

As well as being a skilled horse-rider, Sheikh Hamdan has been pictured connecting with elephants, tigers, camels, falcons and giraffes, to name just a few.

sheikh hamdan

The thrill-seeking royal is currently on quite the summer vacation, travelling through the US, Italy and the UK over the last couple of months.

The keen adventurer most recently visited Yosemite Park, where he made his way through the mountainous terrain to take this adrenaline-inducing snap.

sheikh hamdan

The royal was also in Tuscany last month for the Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, an event inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, where he visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Sheikh Hamdan Encounters Bears And Snakes During US Trek 

Sheikh Hamdan has also hiked and fished in Scotland, and rubbed shoulders with heir-to-the-British-throne Prince Charles at Royal Ascot over the weeks.

Where will the rest of the summer take Fazza? We’ll keep you updated…

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Image: Sheikh Hamdan/Instagram