UAE content creator Khalid Al Ameri recently shared the news of his engagement via Instagram, but kept the identity of his partner concealed. The simple yet profound caption, “alhumdulillah,” has left fans speculating and celebrating the news of his engagement.

Trust the internet to put on the FBI hat and make speculations. South Indian actor Sunaina posted a cryptic picture signaling to a her newly committed status. The image didn’t come with a long caption, just an emoji that potentially meant the deal was sealed.

While that post was before Khalid made the announcement, the one she posted right after his statement convinced the internet to do 2 +2. Sunaina was seen wearing a similar ring on her finger (the one seen in Khalid’s post), while sipping on some Dubai-based tea. What added fuel to the fire was the fact the Emirati content-creator liked the image and soon after the comments on the post were limited.

Khalid Al Ameri

Although, both the official parties are yet to make a statement, the internet was quick to unveil the alleged identity of Khalid Al Ameri’s fiancé.

The Announcement


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Khalid Al Ameri, known for his engaging and often humorous content, chose a minimalist approach to announce his engagement. The photo, featuring just the hands and rings, speaks volumes in its simplicity. The caption “alhumdulillah,” an Arabic phrase meaning “praise be to God,” encapsulates the gratitude and joy of the moment without divulging further details.

The Journey with Salama Mohamed

Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed were once one of the most beloved couples in the UAE’s social media scene. They gained popularity through their humorous and relatable videos, which often showcased their family life and cultural nuances. Their chemistry and genuine love for each other resonated with millions of followers, making them a household name.

Despite their public presence, Khalid and Salama were very private about their personal matters. Their separation was no different. The couple parted ways quietly, without any public statements or controversies. This respectful approach maintained their dignity and privacy, earning them further admiration from their audience.

Individual Paths Post-Separation

After their separation, both Khalid and Salama continued to thrive as individual content creators. Khalid’s content has evolved, focusing on various aspects of life in the UAE, personal development, and social issues, while maintaining his signature humor and authenticity. Salama, on the other hand, has carved out her own niche, focusing on beauty, wellness, and motivational content. Both have successfully managed to retain and grow their individual fanbases.

Looking Forward

The news of Khalid Al Ameri’s engagement marks a new chapter in his life. While fans are eagerly waiting for more details, the announcement has been met with widespread congratulations and well-wishes. Khalid’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level ensures that this new journey will be one that many will follow with interest and support.

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Khalid Al Ameri continues to be a beacon of positivity and authenticity. His engagement is a testament to new beginnings and the power of gratitude, both central themes in his life and content. As he steps into this new phase, his fans and followers will undoubtedly be cheering him on, eager to see what the future holds.

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Images: Instagram @khalidalameri