Left it too late to book a holiday? No worries when you live in paradise already.

Maybe you weren’t sure what days you’d get off work, maybe you just got back from holiday, maybe you’ve lost your passport. For whatever reason, while everyone jets out of town for the three-day (or four-day!) weekend that honours National Day, you’re staying put.

We’re not saying there won’t be a spot of FOMO kicking around, but we can deal with that. Staycations might not be as exciting as heading away, but think of it this way: you don’t have to deal with getting to the airport, trying to sleep on a plane, or lost luggage. You’ll still find plenty that’s worthy of your Instagram story.

Here’s how to fill your long weekend at home in Dubai.

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Stretch it out

Yoga Ashram in JLT is one of our favourite studies in the city, and for National Day, they’re offering unlimited classes for Dsh100. Even if you only go twice, that’s a deal – one-off yoga classes are typically around Dhs80-90. An indulgent long weekend is always great, but this has the major benefit of leaving you feeling better afterwards. Get involved.

Yoga Ashram National Day promo, Dhs100 for unlimited classes Thursday November 30 to Saturday December 2. Floor 15, Jumeirah x3, cluster X, JLT. Tel: (04)  360 9028. yogaashram.com

Clear out your wardrobe 

This is one of those jobs that always gets put off because it’s a bit of a pain, but there’s no time like the present. Go through your wardrobe with a critical eye and take out the items you never wear – maybe they were never you, maybe they don’t fit right, whatever it is, they’re getting donated. You’ll have seen clothing bins around the city, so there’s an option, and H&M also accept clothes from any brand in any condition for recycling. Save that for the stuff that’s unwearable and give the pieces that are still in good condition to Emirates Red Crescent.

Take a dog for a walk

k9 friends

In an ideal world, we’d all have the pet dogs we deserve, but that’s not always possible for a variety of reasons. K9 Friends are always looking for people to help walk their dogs who are up for adoption – it’s exercise, social time and mental stimulation for the pups, and it’s a lot of fun for the people. Pictured above are Aswad and Corbett, who we’d love to take out for a spin.

K9 Friends, Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai. Closed Fridays, open 9am-1pm the rest of the week. Tel: (04) 887 8739. k9friends.com

Wash your makeup brushes


Be honest, they need it. Our technique to keeping on top of this job is to wash five or six at a time every week, but to get into that system, you need to start with a clean set. Put a little shampoo in a shallow dish then wet your brushes one at a time under warm running water. Dip them into the shampoo and gently move the bristles around in the palm of your hand to clean the makeup out, then move under the tap and do the same until the water runs clear. To dry, roll up a hand towel at one end so you can put your brushes with the bristle end slanting down. It’s important to keep water from seeping into the handle of the brush, where it will loosen the bristles over time. They’ll dry overnight at latest. We know this sounds like a hassle, but it’s both essential and not that bad once you get going.

Brush up on your classic films

roman holiday

Did you know Roman Holiday is on Netflix? It is. The 1953 romantic comedy is an absolute stand-out of the genre, and if you’ve never seen it, there’s no better time than this weekend. Let Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck make you believe in love (and make you want to go to Rome). One of the most charming films ever made.

Indulge in a spot of outdoor shopping

ripe market

With a bit of extra time on your hands, this is the perfect weekend to pick up some organic fruit and veg from the Ripe Market and then spend the evening cooking. The market itself is lovely – this is a very pleasant and wholesome way to while away an afternoon.

Ripe Market, Gate 2, Zabeel Park, Dubai, Fridays 9am to 3pm, Dhs5 entry.

Head to Miami (kind of) 

coco on 8

Not working Sunday? This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a ladies’ day offer that would usually take place while you’re stuck in meetings. At Coco on 8, it runs all day. There’s unlimited slushy cocktails for the girls from 12pm to 5pm, plus an additional three free drinks from a house selection from 5pm to 10pm. Sorted.

Coco on 8, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City. 12-5pm, free. Tel:(04) 427 1000. mediaonehotel.com

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