In a heartwarming announcement that has the culinary world buzzing with anticipation, Chef Carmine Faravolo of Social Dubai has made a graceful gesture, passing the torch of his esteemed kitchen to his beloved Nonna Maria.

Renowned for his mastery showcased in countless unforgettable 4 Hands Dinners alongside esteemed chefs, Chef Carmine’s decision to step aside and entrust his kitchen to Nonna Maria speaks volumes about the respect and admiration he holds for her culinary prowess and the influence she has had on his own culinary journey.

Scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of May, this extraordinary culinary event promises to transform Social Dubai into the epitome of authentic Italian dining. Nonna Maria, the culinary virtuoso who ignited Chef Carmine’s passion for the culinary arts and imparted upon him her wealth of knowledge, will be the star of the show. Her one-of-a-kind Nonna Menu, crafted with love and tradition, will take centre stage, inviting diners to savor every moment of this unique culinary experience.

Each dish on Nonna Maria’s menu is a testament to her culinary expertise and the rich heritage of Italian cuisine. Drawing inspiration from Chef Carmine’s cherished childhood memories and the shared meals with loved ones, each dish serves as a portal, transporting diners back in time to a simpler era filled with warmth and nostalgia.

But this is more than just a 4 Hands Dinner; it’s a grand takeover orchestrated by the master of Italian cuisine. Nonna Maria’s presence in the kitchen is not only a testament to her skill but also a celebration of family, tradition, and the enduring power of food to bring people together.

For those lucky enough to secure a reservation at Social Dubai during this special event, they can look forward to an unforgettable dining experience that pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of Italy while celebrating the enduring bond between family and food. Nonna Maria’s takeover of the kitchen is not just a passing of the torch; it’s a celebration of a lifelong passion for food and the joy of sharing it with others.

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