New stone age

Have you noticed an increased number of crystal pendants taking over your Instagram feed? Perhaps it’s a new fashion trend, or maybe more of us are looking for some spiritual healing in a time of uncertainty.

While there is no concrete evidence that crystals have so called “powers”, it hasn’t stopped the likes of Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian bringing a series of precious stones into their lives.

Many brands and boutiques have dedicated their vision to exploring and sharing these gifts of nature, including London-based store Venusrox.

“We came to realise that some crystals can be incredible allies, supporting us both energetically and spiritually as we follow our paths through life,” founders Matt and Victoria Forster told EW in April’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ Issue.



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Moon necklace #PascaleMonvoisin

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This has nicely led us to discover Pascale Monvoisin, a bohemian jewellery brand inspired by poetic rockers and 70s New York that can already count Meghan Markle as a fan.

Pascale grew up travelling the world, exploring museums and antiques shops before starting her own creative journey through painting and sculpting.

Along the way she discovered her passion for gem stones and launched her namesake brand that uses turquoise, tourmaline, labradorite and moonstone.

She likes to mix and match, creating unexpected pairings such as diamonds and crystals; gold and pearls; and even seashells and resin. Every stone is personally hand-selected by the designer on regular trips to Jaipur, India and every design is unique, designed to be an extension of your personal taste.


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À l’atelier. Bagues l’Amour avant le sertissage #PascaleMonvoisin

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Kick off your collection with Moon N°1 9-karat gold and crystal – the celestial stone is associated with positive healing energies. It is also adorned with diamonds, elevating the piece to another level.

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