Rox and Roll

This London-based boutique has become the go-to destination for top grade crystals – delivering beauty the globe over to celebrities and CEOs alike.

Venusrox is a passion driven, London-based, premier crystal and mineral gallery specialising in sourcing the finest, and often museum grade, crystals and fine minerals for individuals and interior designers throughout the UK and worldwide. Founders Matt & Victoria Forster radiate happiness and harmony. We dug deeper to find out what their secret is…

You opened Venusrox in 2011 – was it a vision you had for a long time prior to making it a reality?

The vision was clear from the start and it didn’t take long to become a reality. We believe this is what we are here to do so it was no surprise when things moved perfectly into place. Venusrox was meant to be!

Why crystals and what properties do you believe they have that we can harness best for wellbeing?

Our journey with energy has been long and it still continues. Along this journey we came to realise that some crystals can be incredible allies, supporting us both energetically and spiritually as we follow our paths through life. Early on we realised we had the gift to be able to see those crystals that have a beneficial energy and we wanted to offer others the opportunity to also experience and enjoy the benefits from the support these magnificent crystals allies can give.


Black phantom quart polished point

(Above: The Black Phantom Quartz Polished Point)

What determines the quality of a crystal and its vibrational frequency?

For us it is entirely the presence of this energy. If there is no energy in a crystal then there is no intrinsic benefit that the stone can bring. We initially travelled globally in search of crystals for ourselves and struggled to find many with beneficial energy. This is still the case and we never compromise when sourcing. This energy must be present or we will not buy the crystal, even if we could make a profit.

What do your first 30 minutes of the day look like?

The first place to start with energy is clarity and to ensure one is grounded and balanced, so we always chec
we are clear and grounded first thing in the morning and clear anything we need to. Mornings start early in our house, as an animal loving family, our furred and feathered family members come first and there is always a lot to do with dogs, horses, ducks and a cockatiel to care for.

Clear quartz natural cluster mounted on a bespoke stand

(Above: The clear quartz natural cluster mounted on a bespoke stand.)

How did you know it was the right moment to launch and how do you find working as a team?

There wasn’t a ‘right’ moment. It just happened at the right time, much like everything that has happened with Venusrox. Although the direction may change from time to time we just trust and know we are on the right path. Thankfully we have the same vision and beliefs and we also genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Do you have any mentors or guides who have helped navigate your way?

We have someone who watches our backs who we will always be eternally grateful to. We are also always learning and gain in knowledge and experience that enhance our journey and we have learnt to go with the flow and are willing to change direction if needed.

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