IN PARTNERSHIP: Unleash your senses through Bvlgari’s legendary icon which is reinvented yet again in this captivating edition.

While captivating charm through this defined artisanal mastery, the symbolic motif which has harnessed that spirit for decades is now introduced with a modern twist as an ode to the unending process of evolution through time. The Serpenti Viper exudes qualities of empowered individuals epitomising the fearless spirit of a woman since its emblem’s debut in the 1940s, which constantly co-exists through the ultra-contemporary creations.

The Serpenti is witnessed as the Roman luxury jeweller’s vision, as its main notion centres around the power of transformation with the snake’s ability to continually transform itself through the process of shedding. It embraces change with its metropolitan audacity adopting a sinusoidal design with three-dimensional structures meticulously handcrafted to fit the rounded profile.

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As Bvlgari’s distinctive symbol of unstoppable change, this mythical emblem offers irresistible combinations, especially with the introduction of the Tubogas bracelet watches with enriched the heads and the tails of the stylized snakes as its coiled feature injects a touch of glamour to everyday looks.

From precious diamond sets to bright plain gold scales enchanting the diamond-encrusted pieces, the spirit of Bvlgari continues to metamorphosise with each collection.

With the collection featuring the bracelet and rings, the legendary snake spans from design to craftsmanship through the precious double wrapping feature in pink and white gold with matching pendants and earrings that chooses to empower those who dare to wear them as its injected with a spirit of excellence in a powerful chromatic contrast.

The Serpenti Viper collection is available in three gold colours including a wide selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings created through a set of undeniable skills as always showcased by the jewellers’ impeccable craftsmanship. For more information on the collection visit

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