There is a saying that pregnancy is the most beautiful journey a woman can embark on, and You Baby Studio, under the leadership of founder Natalia Leanca, has dedicated itself to capturing this experience in a unique manner.

Since its establishment in 2018, You Baby Studio has been offering creative newborn photography, maternity photoshoots, family portraits, and more.

Driven by the passion for creativity and photography, Natalia Leanca saw an opportunity to capture the most significant moments in families’ lives, leading to the establishment of a dedicated space focused exclusively on baby and family photography.

Fashion Forward

Each maternity photosession is carefully planned, beginning with an in-depth discussion about the expecting mother’s preferred style. Combining their expertise in fashion and photography, the You Baby Studio team curates an array of designer looks for the client.

The Complete Package

The VOGUE  maternity photosession  at You Baby Studio includes professional makeup and hair styling services. Expecting mothers are given the opportunity to relax and sit back, as the experts drive it all professionally. The studio allocates a generous four-hour slot for each session, ensuring ample time for the expecting mother to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience.

Timeless Appeal

The aim at You Baby Studio is to create an atmosphere where expecting mothers feel special and celebrated. The fusion of fashion and maternity photography results in captivating timeless images that will hold a cherished place in family albums for generations to come.

Barbie Inspired

Drawing inspiration from this iconic figure, You Baby Studio has designed a unique set-up that allows expecting mothers to step into a world of fantasy during their maternity photosession. It’s a charming realm where they can embrace their inner diva, just like Barbie herself.

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