Both Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Emirates have issued essential travel advisories to mitigate inconvenience for passengers planning to fly during this period.

As the forecast predicts heavy rain looming over Dubai, travelers are urged to brace themselves for potential flight disruptions and transportation challenges.

In anticipation of adverse weather conditions, DXB advises all passengers to diligently monitor the status of their flights with their respective airlines. Given the possibility of operational delays or cancellations, travelers are strongly advised to allocate ample time for their journey to the airport. Recognizing the potential congestion on roads due to inclement weather, passengers are urged to factor in extra travel time. To facilitate smoother commutes amidst the anticipated downpour, Dubai Metro will extend its operating hours on Wednesday, May 1, and Thursday, May 2.

During these extended hours, the Red Line of Dubai Metro will be operational from midnight until 5 am, albeit with limited stops. Stations servicing passengers during this period include Centrepoint Station, Emirates Airline Station, Airport Station Terminal 1, Airport Station Terminal 3, and GGICO Station. Additionally, passengers disembarking at GGICO and Centrepoint stations will have access to taxis for onward transportation.

In alignment with DXB’s advisory, Emirates has issued its own travel guidance to passengers scheduled to depart from the airport on Thursday. Outbound travelers are strongly encouraged to allocate extra time for their journey to the airport, considering potential disruptions caused by inclement weather. Emirates further recommends utilizing Dubai Metro as a preferred mode of transportation whenever feasible.

Recalling the significant disruptions experienced during the UAE’s record-breaking rainfall on April 16, where 2,155 flights were canceled and a further 115 diverted, both DXB and Emirates are taking proactive measures to minimize the impact of adverse weather conditions on operations. Despite the forecast of heavy rain and thunder on Thursday, May 2, the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has reiterated its commitment to monitoring and disseminating timely weather updates to ensure public safety.

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Images: Feature Image: Instagram @emirates @sarashakeel