The ruler of Dubai is spreading a message of positivity in his latest publication.

Your to-read list is about to get a little bit bigger.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has just released a new book that sounds like a must-have for those living in the region.

Titled Ta’mulat fi Asa’adah Wl Ejabia (Reflections on Happiness and Positivity in English), the book outlines a “managerial and developmental vision based on optimism and positivity”, the royal revealed on Twitter.

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According to WAM, the book also “includes lessons, examples and stories based on a different life philosophy: Positivity as a perspective, and happiness of people as a goal and a lifestyle”.

Sheikh Mohammed hopes the title will create hope and developement in the Arab world, the state news agency reported.

‏الأخوة والأخوات .. نشرت اليوم كتابي الجديد ” ⁧‫#تأملات_في_السعادة_والإيجابية‬⁩ ” كتاب نطرح فيه رؤية ادارية وتنموية قائمة على التفاؤل والايجابية.. ‏حاولت في الكتاب الإجابة على الكثير من التساؤلات التنموية العميقة مما تعلمته وخبرته في حياتي وبأسلوب قصصي بسيط ليكون الكتاب قريبا من الشباب.. ‏كتاب #تأملات_في_السعادة_والإيجابية‬⁩ يضم دروسا ونماذج وقصص قائمة على فلسفة مختلفة في الحياة..الإيجابية كمنظور وإسعاد الناس كغاية وأسلوب حياة..‏نحاول المساهمة عبر الكتاب ولو بشيء بسيط في نقل تجربتنا وصناعة أمل لمنطقتنا واستئناف الحضارة في عالمنا العربي ⁧‫#تأملات_في_السعادة_والإيجابية‬⁩..

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“The positive leader is the one who closes his eyes, imagine the future and see the achievement that he wants to achieve,” the royal writes in the title, according to Gulf News.

This isn’t the first publication that the royal has authored – he’s also penned collections of poems alongside books Flashes of Wisdom and My Vision.

sheikh mohammed my vision

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His latest title is currently only available in Arabic, with an English version set to be released in the coming weeks.

Drawing on his personal knowledge, Sheikh Mohammed uses Reflections to chart the transformation of the UAE as well as provide inspiration for its future growth.

Tackling issues such as tolerance, time management and terrorism, the book is designed to speak to the younger generation.

Want to buy his earlier titles? Click here to find Flashes of Wisdom, My Vision and more.

And this isn’t the only new release from the royal family…

sheikh hamdan

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has just launched his very own app.

The 34-year-old will now keep fans up-to-date with all of his latest news via ‘Hamdan‘, with content from his popular Twitter and Instagram pages collated in one place.

The app is designed “to enable a large segment of the public immediate access to the private content of news and directives and decisions of [Sheikh Hamdan’s]” according to an official statement.

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Image: HH Sheikh Mohammed/Instagram