Useful? Potentially. Rude? Definitely.

We love a bit of future beauty around the Emirates Woman office. If Elon Musk can build a Hyperloop that gets us from Abu Dhabi to Dubai International Airport in 12 minutes, we want the skincare equivalent.

Hey, we’re allowed to have varied interests.

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So it was with fascination that we heard of a new smart mirror that can assess your skin, and tell you how you’re looking on a number of different fronts.

On display at CES 2018, a consumer technology trade show taking place in Las Vegas, the HiMirror Mini will analyse your skin, track your product usage and let you know how your skin is changing over time, the CES website says.

We’re a little unconvinced. Sure, knowledge is power, but there’s something a little undignified about having a mirror point out your dark circles and acne scarring. We know what we’re working with already. Having a mirror rate our forehead wrinkles just seems cruel.

As the CES story says, smart mirrors are really more akin to tablets than a simple piece of glass with silver backing. You can have them play makeup tutorials while you do your own face, check the weather, and change their lighting to mimic where you’ll be spending your day – and do that all with voice control.

The HiMirror Mini links to Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. That means you can reorder your eye cream by voice, the second it runs out. It’s both convenient and a sign of how tech companies are hoping to integrate themselves even further into our daily lives.

We’ll probably stick with the bathroom mirror for now, but who knows how long it will be before these are standard.

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