We just enjoyed a delightful three-day break, but before we’re even used to working five days in a row again, there comes more good news.

The UAE is definitely going to have back-to-back long weekends, the Ministry of Human Resources has confirmed.

The birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will be marked on Sunday December 11 for both the private and public sectors, meaning we all get a day off work.

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There is something else you need to know about the occasion too – some activities have to be put on ice for a 24-hour period.

According to a circular from Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce sent out to hotels, resorts, sports club and tour boats, Saturday evening is set to be dry.

“Refrain holding entertainment activities and parties as of Saturday 10/12/2016 from 5pm until Sunday 11/12/2016 6pm,” the notice said, according to our friends at What’s On.

That means there’ll be no alcohol, loud music or big events held from sundown on Saturday until the same time on Sunday, out of respect for the Holy holiday.

Want to get a jump on planning next year’s long weekend? Check out our guide to the expected public holidays for 2017 (there’s a lot of four-day weeks, hurrah!).

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