Like any relationship, you and your hair go through your fair share of ups and downs.

One day you decide to completely change the colour of your locks, and you are repaid with dehydrated hair. Then you fall into the glued-in extensions trap and that leaves you with the finest and shortest hair imaginable.

Our hair is tested on a daily basis, and after years of heat damage and transformations, a simple shampoo just won’t do anymore.

Enter Virtue, an innovative haircare brand and the first of its kind to use keratin derived from actual human hair, which is ethically sourced.

The patented Human Keratin Technology has unique reparative qualities. The innovative formula targets the cracks in the cuticle and deposits human keratin protein directly into locks to help repair and heal.


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The origin of the brand is even more surprising. It was discovered by a US ex-army colonel who used keratin to treat wounds and regrow tissue. He managed to find a way to extract Alpha Keratin 60ku and realise that it can also repair hair. Once patented, Virtue went on to become one of the leading brands for those in the know (including Huda Kattan) but only recently gaining a global status thanks to being stocked on sites like Space NK and NET-A-PORTER.

This is the good news our brittle, damaged and over-processed hair has been waiting for. In addition, Virtue formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, colours and dyes.

There are several hero products in its range, but we have been religiously using the Recovery shampoo. It dissolves daily buildup while replenishing the hair with a mix of ingredients, including hydrolyzed quinoa, vitamin C-rich grapefruit extract and baobab seed oil. A few weeks later, our hair feels more manageable, stronger, there is less fallout during styling and it appears shinier and thicker.


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Pair with a conditioner from the same range or try the Smooth conditioner which helps keep frizzy hair at bay.

It’s not cheap but considering the money we are willing to spend on in-salon masks, it makes sense to use something that in the long run can minimise styling and rescue treatments.

Next on our list is the Restorative Treatment Mask which is an SOS product when your hair is crying out for extra TLC.  The light formula that leaves no residue post-wash is packed with Brown Algae, Baobab Seed Oil and Artichoke Leaf Extract that enhances vibrancy, hydrates and gives your hair that dreamy Hollywood bounce.

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