Sure, summer can be scorching here in the UAE – but eight months out of the year we can’t complain about our sun-filled days and lack of rain.

However there are times we long for the excitement of snowfall, especially around Christmas-time.

So we’re a little jealous of those in Saudi Arabia at the moment, where plunging temperatures saw a thick layer of the powdery stuff dust the country yesterday.

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Cue pictures of residents enjoying snowball fights, and desert scenes turned to white.

One guy in particular made the most of the icy conditions, in a short clip that’s making global headlines.

The unidentifed man skiied down a Saudi mountain road, but with a twist – he didn’t actually use any skis.

We’d take that over a typical Tuesday afternoon in the office.

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The sudden weather front saw temperatures in the Middle Eastern country drop to below around -3 degrees Celsius, leaving central and northwestern regions looking like a winter wonderland.

The snow wasn’t expected to stick around though, with forecasts for today showing a sunny 23C.

But while the one-day blizzard lasted, it made for some incredible imagery.

Here are our favourite snaps from the cold snap:

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Image: Majed Waheep/Twitter