In what might’ve been the quickest 180 ever, the Mall of the Emirates drive-in cinema has closed days after it opened due to the change in curfews in the UAE.


It was announced earlier this week that as of Wednesday, May 20, UAE curfews would be brought forward two hours in order for the national sterilisation programme to take place. Curfew is now in effect from 8pm to 6am daily.

The drive-in Vox cinema opened on May 17, selling out their evening shows, but a spokesperson confirmed in a statement the initiative will be “temporarily closed”.

“In adherence with the government’s updated curfew extension in the UAE, Vox Cinemas Drive-in at Mall of the Emirates will be temporarily closed from Wednesday, May 20,” the spokesperson said.

For anyone who had already bought tickets, it was confirmed in the statement all customers would be receiving refunds in due course.

“We have contacted all customers who advance booked and initiated a full refund,” the spokesperson said. “We wait patiently for the return of drive-in, and until then we ask everyone to follow all government guidance, and please stay safe.”

We’ll just have to wait to live out our dream of being Danny Zuko and Sandy.

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Feature Image: Unsplash