This first half of the year has been a busy one in terms of celestial events.

To close out June, the final supermoon of 2021 is set to make an appearance – the Strawberry Moon.

Set to occur from June 24 to June 26, the Strawberry Moon will light up the sky, but unlike the name, it won’t be strawberry hued (unfortunately).

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the indigenous people of North America have referred to June’s supernatural full moon phenomenon as ‘strawberry moon’ as berries are ready to be gathered during this month, while the moon appears larger than usual, as the moon’s orbit gets the closest to earth.

Rather than having a strawberry shade tinge, the moon is set to have a golden hue, when caught 20 minutes after sunset, with peak illumination at 2:40pm Eastern time, which is at 10:40pm Dubai time.

Keeping in mind the current period of Mercury Retrograde, the full moon occurrence is regarded as a crucial time for manifestation, allowing there to a phase when visions convert into reality.


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For all our astronomical fans out there, we have some good news and you can take a closer look at this phenomenon through an all-inclusive event on June 24, 2021 from 7pm to 9pm , as you can book your tickets on as you witness it through a naked-eye observation, accompanied with a Q&A session and get to attend a lecture explaining this process, with a telescope observation also included, with tickets priced at Dhs70 for adults and Dhs50 for a child.

The Dubai Astronomy Group is also potentially set to live-stream the event on their YouTube channel in case you miss the opportunity of physically being present at the event.

At the event, it’s essential to wear your masks at all times while observing the necessary social distancing measures to curb the spread of the virus amid the programme. As tickets are limited it’s advised to book them at the earliest.

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Feature image: Unsplash by Anna Asryan