With Mercury Retrograde reoccurring a couple of times each year – this year Mercury Retrograde is occurring three times – it’s best to be mindful between May 29 to June 22, 2021, as the next bout of this astrological event has made a return.

As Mercury becoming a part of the occasional lexicon from time to time, it’s always best to be well equipped with what the period has to bring, as we embrace a different mindset and add in a fresh perspective to the situation.

During the aforementioned dates when the Mercury Retrograde will occur in Gemini season. This star sign’s planetary ruler is also Mercury. During this upcoming period, you may find yourself speaking up more in groups and meetings without being understood very well. A confrontation between old ideas and new realities may also be a key theme during this period.

While mental confusion, disruption and miscommunication might be the outcome of this phenomenon, the pre-retrograde shadow for this time frame begins between May 14, with the post-retrograde shadow ending on July 7, 2021.


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Based on your star sign, Emirates Woman has added a detailed section allowing you to channel your energy in the right direction to focus on the positive elements of this phase.


If your assertive communication skills constantly put you at the forefront, cooling down during this time might be the best option as you use a more toned-down approach to sharing your emotions with your loved ones without constantly residing in conflict.


If a money hike scheme comes your way, ensure to carefully check all details as issues in fine print might strike, so it’s better to have a friend proof them before any investment takes place.


With several untied ends making a comeback in your life, it’s essential to scrutinize the best possible plan for this situation as you focus your energy on the process of completion.


With the past making a return and several wounds still left open, ensure you use a gentle approach to dealing with this situation while taking the help of the guidance you require as your work on yourself with care to cover those scars.


With the natural trait of being a born leader, especially in your friend circle, you might have to use this time to reconnect with yourself as your shift transcends to your needs and wants rather as you enter an introspective phase.


Opening up about any potential roles with your boss with a little patience may work in your favour as you look for opportunities to see what the professional realm has in store for you rather than focusing on the promotional delays.


For those wanting to enhance their knowledge on a certain topic and ignite their intellectual growth, now’s the best time to focus on this as you feel mentally reignited with a subject of interest as you also enhance your network through like-minded individuals.


If you’re looking for a bit of self-introspection, this time frame is a great time to give yourself any needed space, as your process information and delve into those hidden emotions, while applying logic to them.


An acquaintance from the archives might reappear. Again, in case you’d like to reconnect. Whether you wish to reconnect in real life or engage in conversation, it won’t take much to check in with them as they might have made an impression on you previously.


If you wish to plan for the future, now is the time to do so as you focus on implementing change, while restructuring your goals with a renewed sense of purpose for your vision.


For that creative vision that is coming back to the surface, it’s time to fully embrace that inner talent as it might ignite a flame from within as you find a new purpose and follow your heart’s true passion.


If you wish to play around with those interiors by sprucing it up the décor, now’s the time to make a few alterations with minor finishing’s be it a plant or throws to add your own personal touch to the surrounding.

As communication continues to play a constant role in our daily occurrence, it’s crucial to remember that these instances are better handled when warned, while making you aware of it.

Stay tuned for more information on the next Mercury Retrograde which is set to occur between September 27 to October 23, 2021.

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