He told us to stay tuned, and Sheikh Hamdan’s latest pics didn’t disappoint.

We watched with great interest when Faz went cave-diving last week, and when he said there was more to come, we knew we’d be keeping an eye out.

Sure, the idea of deep water underground is kind of terrifying, but he makes it look easy.

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HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum got back in the water, sharing more footage of himself under the sea.

Outstanding. Note the caption, too – while we don’t know exactly where he is, Sheikh Hamdan does say it’s somewhere in the Americas.

The Crown Prince of Dubai is a keen sportsman who’s tried his hand at everything from sky-diving and spartan races to horse riding and intrepid trekking—and now he’s shown off his cave diving skills.

The royal posted a video to his social media channels last week, showing him plunging metres below the surface to check out the eerie cave floor.

A world beneath our world #Cavediving #freediving

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The extreme sport, which is also known as free diving, requires swimmers to descend and ascend using only the air they can hold in their lungs.

Flippers and a pair of goggles appear to be the only equipment Sheikh Hamdan used during his underwater adventure.

This clip sounds like it was filmed abroad, but the Middle East boasts many amazing cave-diving locations, particularly along the coastline of the UAE and Oman.

Getting ready…

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The videos have proved extremely popular, with many commending the Crown Prince for his bravery.

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His adrenaline-rushing feat, however, should come as little surprise—Sheikh Hamdan has already encountered bears and snakes during a trip to the US this summer, and took to the Scottish Highlands for a gruelling hike. 

What will the athletic royal get up to next? We’ll keep you updated…

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Images: HH Sheikh Hamdan/Instagram