The Kingdom is celebrating its 88th National Day on Sunday

Saudi Arabia are gearing up to break a Guinness World Record.

To mark the 88th Saudi National Day, the Kingdom will launch 900, 000 fireworks from over 58 sites.

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It will be the largest firework display in the world and is poised to break the world record.

The fireworks will form the green background of the Saudi flag while 300 drones will create a laser image of its white horizontal sword.

A number of activities will be held across the Kingdom to mark the National Day.

These include a performance from Cirque de Soleil, which will stage its first ever show in Saudi Arabia .  For the one-off show, 250 costumes have been specifically made to adhere to the local dress code.

Cultural and sport events, art shows, music concerts, poetry and documentary films are all planned to take place. These include the National Entertainment Day carnival in Riyadh, the Sky Dreams show in Jeddah and an aerobatics and pyrotechnics show in Khobar, among others, are planned to take place.

Saudi film ‘Joud’ will screen at the King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture at local and international cinemas from September 20 to 23.

Documentary film “Unify and Build”, which charts the history of the Kingdom, will also be screened online.

Another milestone for the Kingdom!

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