IN PARTNERSHIP: Samsung has unveiled a sustainability initiative in collaboration with Emirates Nature-WWF, dedicated to preserving the natural ecosystems of the United Arab Emirates.

This partnership seeks to enhance and restore the UAE’s unique landscapes. Samsung will contribute a portion of proceeds from the latest Galaxy devices sold on and Etisalat channels to Emirates Nature-WWF’s local conservation projects.

This initiative reflects Samsung’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Samsung’s sustainability endeavors extend beyond the surface, featuring several key components of their Galaxy devices that incorporate a variety of recycled materials including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles.

These materials are carefully repurposed to create Galaxy devices that not only deliver outstanding performance but also contribute to environmental preservation.

The campaign encompasses an array of Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Watch 6, and Galaxy S23 Series. These devices are meticulously designed not only for durability and high-performance but also with a strong eco-conscious focus. They incorporate recycled materials, pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastics, representing Samsung’s unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Samsung’s partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF is set to drive sustainable change in the UAE, underscoring the profound impact of collaboration between the corporate world and environmental organizations. It’s a testament to the shared commitment of both entities to a greener and more sustainable future.

Make a real impact on local marine life with your purchase of Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5, Tab S9, Watch6 or S23 Series contributing to Emirates Nature-WWF for the protection of UAE’s marine ecosystems! Save the ocean, one Galaxy at a time.

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Images: Supplied by Samsung