Jumping on the latte makeup trend, Princess Mahra looked stunning in the warm atumnal tones of brown. Her freshly coloured blonde mane further complemented this matte look.

In her recent Instagram story, HH Sheikha Mahra posted a selfie, dressed in a simple t-shirt and cardigan. However, the noticeable element of her pitcture was her glam, which is never not on point.

Away from the hustle-bustle of Dubai, newlyweds Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana have escaped to the United Kingdom for a cosy countryside getaway.

Ever since their wedding, the couple has been seen spending quality time together. From exploring fun activities like visiting a shooting range club within Dubai to their recent water sports adventure in Greece, the royal couple is all about trying new things and making memories.

Recently, for a rather quiet break, Sheikh Mana and Sheikha Mahra chose to spend their days nestled in the luscious countryside of the U.K. In a glimpse of their downtime, Sheikh Mana shared pictures of their luxurious estate, where the couple was seen enjoying each other’s company. Evenings in the balcony or long drives in the woods, it all looked like a picture-perfect vacation.

Sheikha Mahra enjoying herbreak in U.K

How to acheive the Latte Makeup look?

The focal point of Latte Makeup revolves around skillfully sculpting the complexion and accentuating the eyes with creamy contours and coffee-colored shimmers. The result is an artful blend of subtle yet striking elegance that leaves the rest of the face refined, with just a touch of highlight to enhance the overall sumptuous radiance.

To achieve this desirable look, the process involves buffing a small amount of luminous foundation into the skin, seamlessly blending it across the eyelids as well. The foundation acts as a radiant canvas, ideal for layering contour and highlighter products. Post which, take a warm eyeshadow palette and give your eyes that perfect caramel look, and finish it with brown eyeliner or kohl pencil. Skip the red and pink hue in blushes and go for deeper auburn tones and blend it all it with a cream stick bronzer. Last (but not the least) take a complemetary nude shade for the lips and complete the look.

Products to recreate Sheikha Mahra’s version of the latte makeup trend:

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Images: Sephora Middle East, Instagram: Feature Image: @hhshmahra