Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana get adventurous on their island holiday.

Captioned, “Just the two of us ❤️” the couple shared their photos on a jet ski, enjoying their time on the azure blue waters. Dressed in a printed blue dress, Sheikha Mahra looks radiant as she resides comfortably behind her husband who was cutting through the waves.

Ever since their wedding, the couple has been trying heir hand at different adrenaline pumping activities. Before explorig water sports on their honeymoon, Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana were seen at the Jebal Ali Shooting Range Club in Dubai. The couple decided to skip a regular date night for some shooting practise at this an exhilarating spot. DSheikha Mahra even almost managed to hit a bulls eye and shared a series of adorable photos on her feed.


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When did the couple get married?

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Mahra got engaged to Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum in March. On April 5 2023, both Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana shared that they celebrated their Katb Al-Kitaab — the official marriage ceremony and signing of the marriage contract through social media.

Her husband, Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum has served a year in the UAE Armed Forces-National Service. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Security and Risk Management from the American University in the Emirates.

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