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Summer days in the UAE are best enjoyed from the cool climes of the great indoors. These days, however, that needn’t mean sitting at home with FOMO while watching the travel channel. There are plenty of laidback activities in the city to keep you busy this weekend…

adam dix


Many of Dubai’s art galleries have opted to stay open during this summer. The group summer show So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish at the Lawrie Shabibi Gallery in Alserkal Avenue is nearing the end of its run but is well worth a visit. Artists Adam Dix, Tala Madani, Basim Magdy and Taus Makhacheva capture feelings of the absurd and surreal by reframing the ordinary to create an imagined, sci-fi-esque future that’s deeply rooted in nostalgia. The exhibition runs until July 17. Visit lawrieshabibi.com for more information.

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Have you had a chance to visit one of the iftars or suhours on our recommended list? If you haven’t, there’s still plenty of time. Wondering what EW would wear? The new collection of abayas designed by Lamya Abedin called La Fiesta Grande are inspired by Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo and are truly exquisite. With a palette inspired by Latino spices, embroidered and textured imported fabrics, these garments are a wearable work of art. The La Fiesta Grande collection is available at Queen Of Spades.



Is the humidity and heat wreaking havoc on your sense of ‘zen’? Our top tip for staying in a sane, happy place over the summer is a regular weekend trip to the spa. The B/Attitude Spa at Grosvenor House also understands the importance of this and is offering a range of packages. We love the sound of the Serenity Voyage that offers a ‘trip to freedom’ massage and full body scrub or facial. All packages also include use of the steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and hammam pools prior or after the treatment.  To book treatments and for more information, call (04) 3998888 extension number 2200/2201


Images: Adam Dix, Queen of Spades