We all need our daily dose of caffeine, so why not enjoy somewhere aesthetic? For a minimal space, there are a plethora of minimal coffee shops to either work or switch off from completely.

For a quick midday break or to simply catch up on some work, Dubai has a host of refined spots that are sure to cater to both your tastebuds and eye.

Instead of offering an overwhelming array of options, minimalist coffee shops often have a concise menu focusing on quality over quantity. They may offer a few select coffee varieties prepared with precision and care.

With a ket focus on craftsmanship, these coffee shops focus on attention to detail and craftsmanship which is evident in every aspect, from the carefully prepared beverages to the handcrafted ceramics or glassware used for serving.

From concrete interiors to a minimalist palette, Scandinavian interiors have gained huge traction over the years as spaces have sheltered away from the overcomplicated design.

So, If you’re on the hunt for pared-back spaces with a clean design, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide on all the places to bookmark ASAP.

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Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @veneti.a