She travelled to Berlin for the ceremony

Queen Rania often supports female initiatives and achievements in the Middle East, and this week she travelled a little further afield to show support for a well-known female political leader.


Queen Rania has supported a record number of women’s initiatives this past month

Queen Rania just spoke out about gender equality in the Middle East

The Jordanian Royal travelled to Berlin, Germany this week to present the German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Golden Victoria Honorary Award for Political Leadership. The German leader has led the country for nearly 13 years, and has been vocal in support of issues such as refugee migration to the country and defeating the far right in the northern European country.


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Posting about the ceremony on social media, Queen Rania said “It was an honour to present Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Golden Victoria Honorary Award for Political Leadership in Berlin today. Time and again, the Chancellor’s resilience and resolve have enabled Germany not just to chart a safe course but to help guide the global community through the storm. Such leadership takes great courage. Political courage. Moral courage. The courage of one’s convictions.”

The Jordan Times, which is often seen as the defacto official newspaper for the country, reported earlier this year that ties between Germany and Jordan were currently “at their closest” in recent history.

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