To maintain your fitness levels it’s vital to mix up your training. You have to break out of your workout rut and step outside of your comfort zone.
Failure to do so will see you reach a plateau where you aren’t getting any fitter and your body isn’t changing.  Luckily, there’s a new 45-minute training concept in Dubai to get you the figure, and booty, you’ve been working toward – enter Speedflex. #EWGetsFit

What is it?
Speedflex is a high intensity and low impact 45-minute cardio resistance workout. While the sessions are led by experienced trainers, the effort put in is all down to the participants. However the system pushes you into training at a level of intensity higher than usual.

Speedflex system uses a series of hydraulic machines with free motion bars, which generate personalised resistance levels – the harder you push the heavier it becomes giving you a greater workout. The more you put into a Speedflex workout, the more you will get out.

All participants wear heart rate monitors strapped around their chest. This helps provide an accurate calorie-burn counter and heart-rate maximum percentage, which is projected via a smart monitoring system on large screens in the centre of the room for you to track your progress throughout.

Ideally, for a truly intense session, you should try to work at 90 per cent of your heart rate. You can also track your training load – a measurement of effort you put in. Each time you do the workout you should aim to increase this number.

One of the extra aspects of Speedflex is its health assessments, analysing your health and fitness levels throughout your training, allowing you to track your progress.

The type of body assessments range from body composition analysis, measuring among other things your BMI, body fat percentage as well as visceral fat levels, and a V02max test can also be done to measure your aerobic power.


There are many benefits to this form of high intensity training, including:

  • Huge calorific burn (you can burn over 500 calories in 45-minutes!)
  • Accelerated fat and weight loss
  • No post workout soreness (due to the concentric movements that don’t stress or tear the muscles)
  • Improved bone density
  • Increased endurance and flexibility
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced energy and wellbeing
  • improve lung capacity
  • Lower blood pressure

Who does it?
The ambassadors, who are ardent advocates of Speedflex, include athletes, professional footballers (Former England Captain Alan Shearer is one the main spokespersons) to fitness fanatic TV personalities.


I liked the fact that Speedflex combines cardio and resistance, which yields faster fitness results. In my 45-minute class I burned over 500 calories, which is pretty impressive considering I wasn’t in pain or drenched in sweat like I usually am after my usual cardio workouts. Despite my arms feeling tired and tight during the class I genuinely didn’t feel an soreness the next day.

The Details
There are various membership packages starting from monthly (from Dhs805) to three months (from675) and annual (Dhs595).

Speedflex studio | third floor | JA Ocean View Hotel | The Walk, JBR | (04) 8145666


Video and photography: Ajith Narendra

Video editting: Surajit Dutta