The royal is helping fund a formidable charity trek in memory of the late King Hussein I.

He was a man who believed “anything is possible”, according to HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein.

So the royal is honouring the values of her late father, HM King Hussein I of Jordan, by supporting an ambitious mountaineering mission undertaken by two adventurous figures.

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British broadcaster Ben Fogle and Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton will attempt to scale Mount Everest next year, in a bid to raise money for the British Red Cross and the United Nations Environment Programme.


The mission will be funded by Princess Haya under her Anything is Possible initiative, the royal revealed on social media this week, a programme she set up in her father’s memory.

“The lasting values ​​of my late father, HM King Hussein I, are as relevant today as they ever were,” HRH captioned a short video about the mission.

“It is my great honour to support Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton CBE on their expedition to summit the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

“Their journey will be an inspiration to look for good, believe in possibilities, reach higher, and be all that we can be.”

والد الأردنيين حي في قلوبنا الى الأبد The father of all Jordanians forever in our hearts

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Fogle and Pendleton will attempt to climb Everest—the summit of which was reached for the first time by Sir Edmund Hillary 64 years ago— in May 2018, the duo told The Telegraph.

To date, the mountain has claimed more than 280 souls during the intrepid trek to the top, during which winds can reach a dizzying 200 miles an hour.

“It’s going to be life changing” Pendleton told the British newspaper. “I don’t know in what way yet, but doing something as incredibly audacious as this is going to have a profound effect.”

The project was made possible with the help of Princess Haya, the pair added, revealing that Fogle and HRH went to school together in the UK.

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The duo will be accompanied by two local sherpa guides, as well as a professional mountaineer who has scaled Everest 12 times.

We’ll keep you updated with their mission as it kicks off…

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Images: HRH Princess Haya/Instagram