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It has been a great year so far for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who tied the knot last December. After having a lavish wedding (which included four receptions) the two superstars got back to work. Nick and his brother’s boyband The Jonas Brother’s made a comeback with chart-topper Sucker. Meanwhile, the Bollywood beauty launched a Youtube special If I Could Tell You One Thingand is now working with Mindy Kailing on a comedy film centred on an Indian wedding.

While promoting his latest animated film, UglyDolls, the 26-year-old spoke with E! News about the future and picking projects that they can share with their kids. “I think that in everything we do, you know, my brothers and I, Priyanka and I, everything we do we think about the future and building something that becomes a part of a legacy in some way, and a story we can share with our kids in the future.”

“That’s everything from the music to projects that we align ourselves with and, maybe some of the projects that are more adult-themed we’ll hold those back ’til they get older obviously,” Nick continued. “But with something like [UglyDolls], it’s just a joy to be able to do this for the kids in general.”

Moreover, the Cool singer talked about the MET Gala, which he and his wife will be attending next month. The event is special to Nick and Priyanka, who attended the event together back in 2017. “That was one of our first dates…but it wasn’t even really a date, I don’t know how to describe it. That’s kind of an important thing for us, the Met Gala, historically speaking, so to be on the committee this year is great.”


Not only that, but the newlywed’s will be joined by Nick’s brother Joe and his fiancée, Sophie Turner, which is what the singer is “most looking forward t0.” It is clear to see why, as the Nick and Priyanka seem extremely close with Joe and Sophie as they are often seen traveling together. Moreover, the Bollywood beauty also took to Instagram to send her ‘J sister’ best wishes ahead of the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones. She captioned her post, “Good luck @sophiet you are a boss babe. And are very loved.. #jsister #gameofthrones tonight.”


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