A dive into the lives of three inspirational women

Earlier this year, actress Priyanka Chopra announced that she will venture into a new world with her Youtube special, If I Could Tell You One Thing. The inspirational 30 minute talk-show follows the newlywed as she interviews three inspirational women from the entertainment, fashion and sports industry.

The special, which premiered on March 27, featured interviews with Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, Crazy Rich Asians actress Awkwafina and fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg – each of whom shared their most important pieces of advice in the show’s first episode. Here is what we learnt from the inspirational women on If I Could Tell You One Thing. 

Simon Biles experiences made her who she is today

The gymnast made headlines in 2016 after she nabbed four gold medals at the Olympics in Rio, Brazil. In the special she opened up about the sexual abuse that she experience at the hands of former USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar, who has now been convicted for his crimes. Speaking about the highly publicised case, Simon said, “I’m am not willing to put that out there for the world to see. They’re not going to see Simone the gymnast. They’re going to see Simone as a sexual abuse survivor.”

However, the 22-year-old along with former USA team members and more than 265 women came forward with their stories, which helped bring their abuser to justice. “I feel like I’m a stronger woman today, and I feel like telling my story has helped younger girls,” she said. When asked about what piece of advice she would give, Simon said  “Risk-taking.” “Even in 2018, I took a lot of risks and I did things that terrified me. It made me realise who I was as a person.”



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Awkwafina revealed how she dealt with grief

The comedian and rapper opened up about losing her mother and growing up after her death. While chatting with Priyanka over shaved Korean ice cream, she admitted that her comedic talent came from grief and was developed as a defensive mechanism. “I didn’t like to be this emblem of sorrow for people,” she said. “I wanted people to be happy, I wanted them to feel joy.” She also Facetimed her grandmother, who raised after she lost her mother – a very heartfelt cameo.


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Diane von Furstenburg shared a strong message of self-love

The Belgian-American designer did not hold back during her sit down with the Quantico actress. Diane, who is famous for her iconic wrap dresses started by instructing Priyanka to have children – she laughed hysterically before replying with, “I want to. It’s not like I don’t want to.” The businesswoman, who’s life changed instantly at 22 said, “I got married, started a business and had a child. I had another child the following year. We were two children, really; we were playing adults. I wanted a man’s life in a woman’s body. Why can men go and have affairs and women can’t or they have to feel guilty?”

The 72-year-old went on to give an important piece of advice, “The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself,” she said. “There’s no other advice that is more important than that.” However, it didn’t stop there as the designer revealed that she wants to use her platform to help women. “I want to use my voice to tell all women that they, too, can be the woman they want to be. Because I’ve never met a woman who’s not strong. They don’t exist.”


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The special has already garnered 2.7 million views on Youtube – if you haven’t seen it yet, then we really recommend that you do.

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