Starting of 2022 on a high note, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have announced they are engaged after a year and a half of dating.

According to Megan, when the two first started their relationship in 2020, they sat under a banyan tree and ‘asked for magic’.

So, in true romance, MGK  – real name Colson Baker – proposed to Megan under the very same tree.

The pair announced their engagement on Instagram with Megan sharing a video of the proposal along with a romantic summary of their relationship. Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly shared a video of the ring along with his version of the event and how their ring is a symbolism of their love.

The two have. in their words, “been through hell together” and their love is what has seen them through it. So, what better way to certify that love with a proposal with a bespoke Stephen Webster engagement ring?

MGK helped create the ring with the jewellery designer. Apart from being dazzling the ring has a lot of sentimental meaning. Instead of being one ring, it is two entwined – one with an emerald, Megan’s birthstone, the other with a diamond, MGK’s birthstone, symbolising the joining of two souls. Not only that but the gems join together to form an obscure heart.

Mabrook to the happy couple!

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Images: Supplied via Instagram