‘They take it very seriously’

Lindsay Lohan has opened up about life in Dubai during the 24-hour movement restrictions that are in place due to the national sterilisation programme that’s currently underway.

Chatting with David Spade on his show Lights Out with David Spade about her new single Back to Me, Lohan discussed the current situation in the city amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is very strict here,” the singer explained. “You are not allowed outside, they take it very seriously. Just one person can go out of the house at a time.

“If you do not get approved for a permit — even to go to the supermarket or the grocery store — or you are found without gloves or a mask, or if you surpass 90 minutes [out of your house], you are fined or arrested.”


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The former child star, who is now 33, also opened up about life in Dubai, which is where she has resided since 2014.

“I’ve lived here [in Dubai] — I have been here for about six years,” she said, noting how much the city has changed since she first visited 12 years ago.

“I came here in 2008 when they’d just finished building the Atlantis Hotel and there was none of this here,” she explained. “There was no DIFC, Downtown, Dubai Mall… anything that there is now.”

While is permanently based in Dubai right now, the singer goes to New York regularly to see her family.

Lohan, who is a former Emirates Woman cover star, previously opened up about her move to the UAE.

“Moving here was a fresh start,” she told EW. “You hear more about real current events rather than celebrity gossip, which I really appreciate.”

She also added one of the main reasons she moved to Dubai was due to the “lack of paparazzi”.

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