The royal role model looked right at home behind his school desk.

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein paid a surprise visit to a school in Madaba this week to see how students were getting on with a national summer programme.

Fifty thousand students are participating in “Bassma”, which aims to channel students’ free time into activities that enhance volunteerism and nationalism. The programme is organised by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Crown Prince Foundation.

At Zayd bin Haritha School on Wednesday, Crown Prince Hussein set out to review the programme’s progress while encouraging students to actively contribute to their communities.

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The royal joined students at a dialogue session that explored how they can become better decision makers and become more open to different opinions and perspectives.

He also attended a session on humanitarian values, which addressed the danger of extremism and ways to counter these dark ideologies with an awareness based on the tolerant values of Islam.

Crown Prince Hussein shared photos of his school day on Instagram, writing: “The energy, creativity, and innovation of our youth is unmatched and especially impactful when channelled to improve society. Empowering them to achieve more is a national priority.”

The 24-year-old prince himself attended King’s Academy in Madaba, before studying international history at Georgetown University in the United States. After graduating in 2017, he went on to train at the UK’s prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

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Images: Instagram, supplied