On her recent trip to the UAE, Emirates Woman met up with super-model Joan Smalls to interview and shoot her exclusively for the January edition of the magazine. The 30-year-old was invited to Abu Dhabi by Etihad Airways for a scarf collection collaboration with DVF.


Joan, welcome to January! Are you a big or small goal setter?

I am a big goal setter. It takes more time and patience but the outcome pays off. The reward is worth the wait. And it teaches you determination. It’s extremely rewarding when you accomplish your long-term goal. It’s almost like a wish come true.


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What do you tell yourself to keep going when times are tough, both professionally and personally?

Remember why you started. And the hardships make me stronger. I take it one circumstance at a time. I continually remind myself that it will get better and whatever tough time I’m going through, it shall pass.


Joan Smalls

What would you like to change in the modelling industry? Is there anything that has affected or has affected you?

To have a social responsibility when deciding the message they put out to their consumers and not just do it because they are riding the wave of trends. Also to have transparency in jobs/ contracts – it has become much more than just showing up. There are so many variables that I think agencies should be more direct and honest in some instances.

Joan Smalls

What’s the most honest thing someone can be or do to be a good person?

To stay true to themselves and do good by others. Have a good heart and be kind.

Joan Smalls

To read the full interview and see the full cover shoot, pick up the January edition of Emirates Woman 

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