And that doesn’t include university.

When it comes to being a parent in Dubai, we’re spoiled with a wealth of family-friendly activities on our doorstep.

But there’s no denying that raising a family in the desert can pricey – and a new study has shown just how much you can expect to spend on schooling.

According to research by Zurich Middle East, it costs more than Dhs500,000 to put a child through the country’s education system.

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The study calculated that fees for pre-primary, primary and secondary school in the UAE cost parents an average of Dhs528,486 per child.

If you throw university tuition into the mix (using a three-year bachelor degree from a British university as an example), it costs an average of Dhs938,599.

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So say you wanted to put three children all the way through to an undergraduate degree, you’re looking at a bill of around Dhs2.8 million.

This amount doesn’t include extra costs involved either, like books, trips, uniforms and after-school activities.

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The insurance company found, however, that most parents were willing to pay, with 64 per cent of respondents saying they’d go into debt to fund their child’s education.

The study also looked at the most popular university courses for students in the UAE, with medicine, computer science, business and management, finance and accounting, and engineering ranking as the top five subjects.

Now, time to empty our wallets into that piggy bank…

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