She’s making her mark on the music industry.

Vivian Nouri was born in a Syrian refugee camp, but now, her voice is featuring in a major Hollywood movie.

The 24-year-old was working out when she got the call she hopes will change her life. It was from a Paramount producer, the Daily Mail reports, asking if she would record a song for consideration in a new Mark Wahlberg film.

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Safe to say, Nouri made it happen. She’d not long moved to Los Angeles from New Zealand with the goal of making her dreams come true, and this was exactly the kind of opportunity she’d been waiting for.

Mummy’s home 😂🎬 #grateful

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Nouri’s family had fled their home in Kurdistan in 1991, the Daily Mail reports, and were living in refugee camp in Syria when she was born in 1993. Granted refugee status in 1995, the family settled in New Zealand, where Nouri lived until earlier this year.

The determined young woman started singing when she was only 9, and has been working at her craft since.

She’s got an incredible voice, so we’re thinking that Paramount call won’t be the last big opportunity she gets. For your reference:

Say Something – #COVER #agreatbigworld #partone

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And how about this cover of an Elvis classic? Gorgeous.

Nouri sings a Christmas song in the forthcoming Daddy’s Home 2, set for release on November 10. Other than celebrating that milestone, she’s busy making a name for herself in Hollywood and working on her music.

“I have been working with Grammy award winning producer, Brian Kennedy and Davix Foreman – a multi platinum producer/vocal engineer,” she told the Daily Mail.

A quick glance at her Instagram also shows she’s been hanging out with the likes of T-Pain and Christina Milian.

We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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Images: Nouri/Instagram