With an influx of invitation to attend various gatherings at people’s home. It’s also important to host from time to time, by going the extra mile with the décor.

As flowers are perhaps the most elegant way to do so, Floral expert and founder of The Flower Soceity, Zoya Sakr, shares her top tips on creating Instagram-worthy tablescapes effortlessly.

From Peonies to warm tones, tablescaping can take on a whole new meaning with its quirky yet elegant finishing touches to set the tone for the host.

So incase you need guidance on how to lay a table with some creative input? Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

What inspired you to learn about floristry and launch The Flower Society?

I have bene raised in a national Park in Lebanon, where my mom was always proud of her garden and specially in May in roses and Peonies season, this passion has been awakened in me and drove me to create her own garden in the heart of Dubai

What are some of the innovative arrangements that The Flower Society offers for tablescapes?

We work on impressive tables and grand elements to elevate the table and bring a wow effect, innovation comes in display stayle and in vases that we outsource from all over the world.

For an intimate dinner, what flowers would you recommend for the décor?

Depends on the occasion, we love warm colors , like red calas and orange roses to create an intimate mood.

Are there any pre-made arrangements that can be ordered from The Flower Society?

We just launched our Summer collection that is colorful, bright yet very elegant, each arrangement can be ordered from theflowersociety.net.

What are your top tips on ensure the arrangements last for a longer period?

The stem end should be cut when received, water should be changed daily and room temperature should be below 25 C.

Are there any specific flowers that work well together for a minimal aesthetic?

I love monotone colour arrangements roses and orchids, tulips and peonies. White colours also work so well with green. Additionally, love also block colours such as fuchsia and orange, purple and pink.

How do you balance candles well with each arrangement to avoid over doing it?

Over doing it can be cool sometimes, if table width permits, I love having lots of candles then I minimize the flowers, or vice versa, with lots of flowers I tend to use less candles, potentially two for every 60 cm.

What sets The Flower Society apart from other brands in the UAE?

We have been known for our Grand Gestures of Love, big impressive bouquet is our strength in design, and modern innovative designs is part of our brand DNA.

What advice would you give to hosts preparing these arrangements for the first time?

Go for monotone hues, you will never go wrong, choose strong and fresh flowers, don’t clutter the table.

What’s the best way to stay creative when creating each arrangement?

The best way for creating set up at home, to have the right vases that will set the design and height of flowers.

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