If you asked us for our favourite form of cardio, our answer will always be shopping.

Because hey, we just logged 20,000 steps at The Dubai Mall this weekend alone – proving that picking up some Christmas gifts is probably more effective than 30 minutes on the cross trainer.

However as much as we love a good shop, negotiating your way around the world’s biggest mall can be extremely tough on the tootsies.

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when you remember the one store you need to visit is on the opposite side of the 5.9-million-square-foot space.

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However a new option is at hand for weaving your way around the 1,200 shops.

The Dubai Mall has just introduced two electric cars into the destination with the aim of transporting weary shoppers.

the dubai mall

You can find the chauffeur-driven green vehicles on the ground floor – but you can’t just flag them down like a cab.

If you want to score a ride, you have to book a car at the Guest Services Desk, but the good news is there’s no charge (unlike the VIP buggies you get with the paid-for Personalised Shopping Experience).

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With the vehicles currently being on the ground floor, that means you can easily travel between Fashion Avenue, The Souk, and Dubai Aquarium, as well as shops and restaurants.

You just have to give a pick-up and drop-off location, and each car has room for four passengers.

Between rides, you’ll be able to see the cars parked up or charging by the Waterfall Atrium, Fashion Catwalk and Grand Atrium.

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